The Find of My Life

December 18, 2009

Sung just as Gary sees Annie for the first time: he’s been digging and so daren’t speak to her, as she’s so clean and tidy. For the moment at least though, he’s happy just to admire from afar. It is quite a wistful song, and should be sung at a mid tempo.

All those years I’ve spent just playing the field,
Just digging around, to no forces I’d yield!
I’ve had many finds, mostly pot or worked stone,
And flint tools and copper and animal bone.
I’ve handled them all, and all I can say
Is they helped me through all those cold and wet days.
The thrill was a flash and soon was forgot,
Like wood in drained soil, all descended to rot.
I could see no end; I looked for no more,
Until the day I found her, and then I saw!

I looked and I saw, as from out of the ground,
Uncovered: a glimpse of the gold I had found.
She stood there shining, not tarnished with age,
But radiant and bright as a midsummer day.
The delicate form, that shines up on me,
Though not yet unearthed has set me free!
How different she is from the pot and the stone
Of everyday people: she stands there alone!
In the darkness of her world she has barely begun,
I’ll lift her from the ground and show her the sun!

She’s the Gundestrup Cauldron, The Battersea Shield,
That find of a lifetime that’s spent in the field,
If Carter or Wheeler could see what I see,
They would say no other find could compare to she.
She’s the one I have heard of, of whom I’ve been told,
She’s King Arthur’s tomb, she’s The City of Gold!
I never knew she existed ‘till I saw her this day,
But I was so blind not to believe what they say.
No more shall I content with dull green copper,
When I have the precious, the good and the proper!

I look in her beauty and I see in her eyes,
Alexandria Lighthouse still lights up the skies!
Nothing is lost so why should I search?
I have the whole world now, there’s no more to learn!
She speaks to me from the dawn of time,
Like the Queen of the Nile, Harrappa or Palestine!
Now all I can hope is she notices me,
And allows me to treasure her as she should be.
I’ll restore her and study and hope she likes fuss.
Will she feel the sexual tension between us?

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