I am a PhD student who does a bit of amateur photography on the side, though really I see myself as an amateur photographer who does a bit of PhD work during the day. I have been displaying my wares up on flickr since 2008 and have just started to selling my images, elevating me, as a friend pointed out, from the rank of ‘Penniless’ to that of ‘Struggling’ Photographer. My photography blog is all about my images and I put very little of myself there; this blog is the opposite. That is the idea. I moved to blogging from Twitter (@ladycrafthole) and am still very new to all this. I therefore have very little idea what it will turn into, but think that it ought to define itself as it goes on. If it doesn’t then I will give it up as a bad experiment.

Introductions. This is an image of Crafthole & I (original of  Marie-Anne & Antoine Lavoisier) which nicely sums up our three biggest loves: science, the wonder-filled 18th Century and Photoshop.

A new portrait was commissioned last month to reflect rather profound changes in our household :-)

That’s us.


One Response to “The Craftholes”

  1. Hello Lucy

    I didn’t realise you had a blog, I’ve enjoyed looking at your Project 365. photo’s


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