Roundography in Action

May 20, 2010

I am thinking of ways to illustrate the ’roundographic’ process and thought what better than a little movie of one being made down the road from me at Thornhill park, Dewsbury. I’m going to redo it because I was inexplicably wearing the most awful winter sack (I didn’t think about what I looked like until I downloaded the pictures) but still made it up as an experiment. I think it looks funny… I wonder how I have the nerve to do this in public places.

So, here is the process from Crafthole’s perspective, my perspective and the final image.


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I’ve seen a few things lately and thought Damnit I could do that. One of these things was a website “selling” images for “money”. At the moment mine are all freely available to download from flickr; there’s even an ‘order print’ button which I think goes out to a third party printers and I wouldn’t even know if you clicked on it, let alone get any of this “money”. So I have been working on a website. It’s still draft and has a few things to iron out (or start again from scratch, I haven’t quite decided). I’ve even bought a domain name:

(not to be confused with or……. damnit)

Another thing I saw recently was a self-publishing site ( which I found through a friend’s flickr profile, via the link to her own Photography Book…. well yes you can read my thoughts. Within about half a minute I’d registered and was busy getting myself an ISBN and barcode made up while still wondering what I was going to do.

I had a thought and googled the word Roundography, which is such a daft word that nobody seems to have coined it yet. It made me laugh so I formed my plan.

I spent the next few evenings on it and now have a set of forty or so draft spreads, of which these are ten (& covers):

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