More archive things. Here are a few things I made for the Oxford University Museum of Natural History (none of which was official and none of which was ever actually used) during my time as a volunteer.

I have always liked museums. I first became interested in archaeology during a museum visit: it was an exhibition of Ancient Egyptian objects in London and I remember being struck by the locks on display for some reason. I’ve always been good at drawing so I formed an idea of becoming an archaeological illustrator when I grew up. To cut a long story short, this I did. However, I still really liked museums. It only occurred to me a few years ago, while I was working in Oxford, that I could raise my sights to museum work.

With that very much in mind I began volunteering at events. There are several museums in Oxford and (since by then I had discovered my overriding love of natural history) I have always been fondest of the Natural History Museum. I volunteered at a few one-off events before managing to insinuate myself there as a volunteer cataloguer of the diverse and intriguing education handling collection.

It was during this period when I discovered how to make 3D images and naturally tried it out on the objects I was cataloguing and the museum interior, a very few of which are up on flickr.

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This gif is a first attempt at this kind of stereo image. I made it from photos I took last spring of Crafthole in Skipton Woods near our lovely old house, very sadly missed.

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