December in Pictures

January 24, 2011

December seems so long ago already! I can only just remember all that beautiful snow. The month split into two halves for me: the first half was all Liverpool, carrying on with my placement at the National Conservation Centre. During the time I was there, the museum directors announced, only one week in advance, the closure of its public galleries. Very sad and shocking. It was a cost-saving measure of course following the recent government cuts, but the actual museum was only a sort of secondary casualty: it was closing not directly to save money, but to be converted into offices to allow one of the museum’s admin buildings to be sold. And so, on the morning of the 18th December 2010 Liverpool woke up to find itself one museum poorer.

I was away by then, at home in Watlington for my christmas holiday. This was my longest stint at home with Crafthole since we got the house (I took a fortnight off to be with him there for our honeymoon in August, and apart from that it’s all been snatched days here and there). It was lovely.

This was our first christmas on our own in our own home as we have always previously spent the season with family in Yorkshire and the Wirral, but I having been a permanent house-guest this year was very eager to be in Crafthole Cottage. It was all placed in jeopardy on 22nd however when we woke up to be greeted with a torrent of water spurting from a burst pipe, flooding the downstairs. Crafthole knew what to do to stop the torrent and, after I had bailed out as much water as I could through the front door, our landlords knew how to save the carpets and in the end, by the time christmas came, you wouldn’t know anything had happened. I saved the section of burst pipe and used it as a tree decoration, as a reminder. It was packed away with the other decorations and will come out again next year. This is how little family traditions are started I suppose, and it’s very strange indeed to think that when the decorations come out next year, there will be three of us – our own little family :-)

Also this month I actually took some proper photographs with the proper camera and made my first wormhole in months. It is the monument to victory at Blenheim Palace, where we walked in the snow with an old friend of Crafthole’s he hasn’t seen in twenty years. It was a lovely day.


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