October in Pictures

November 1, 2010

I have been swapping phones with Crafthole lately due to one of them working in Watlington and one of them not, so I let the Photo-a-Day Project slip a lot. We have ourselves all sorted out now though so I have my old iphone back at last. I’ve started it up again as well as a proper diary, which I haven’t done seriously since 2006 (our first winter living on a canal boat put an end to my diary-writing days and I never quite picked it up again). I’m hoping they’ll both be a spur for each other, as they are nice compliments.

Diary writing is a strange thing to do in many ways, and I can’t imagine who is ever going to read through them all. I write the diary in the same way, and maybe for the same reasons, as I write this blog: I don’t assume a readership, I do it for the feeling of purpose it gives me and as an aid to my own TERRIBLE memory.

I will try to explain what I mean by purpose. When I created my flickr account it had a huge impact on my motivation to take photographs: having a destination for my work, whether anybody looked or not, provided me with a reason to go out and make more. A diary somehow motivates me in the same way with the rest of my life. Also, if I do nothing worthy of note I feel it much more strongly if I also am forced to write about it afterwards. So simply having somewhere to document my life and the things I am interested in, to put a little of myself in a book or online, is a therapy and a motivator. Even when something bad happened, there was always the consolation of, “well, it’s something to write in the diary” as my brother and I used to say to each other. I’m quite excited about starting it up again :-)


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