July in Pictures

August 3, 2010

I recently started a sort of online diary through an iPhone app called Project 365. One picture a day, either as a record of your life or as a way of training yourself to be a better photographer, forcing you to constantly be on the lookout for photographs. I started a few days after we had our iPhone extravaganza (Crafthole got one to celebrate his new job which promises to end our recent woes and I just did some freelance work that will pay for mine). They are not the new ones, or the previous model, but the one before that. They don’t have a compass and the camera is the worst one I’ve had on a phone yet both in terms of resolution, terrible noise levels and complete lack of control (all the newer models have metering options and higher resolution), but there are some lovely apps to download that make up for all this. Besides, my previous phone had been broken for months so this iPhone has revolutionised my life and I love it.

I am one month in now (almost) on my Project 365 and think it’s by far  my favourite app. I hope I keep it up.

All the pictures have captions, though some of them don’t make sense (where I have replaced pictures it sometimes won’t update the caption when I upload). Click on the link to see the whole thing :-)


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