Preparing for the Exhibition

July 9, 2010

My dad, David Martin, is this year’s featured artist at the Dewsbury Arts Group Summer Exhibition and I had the pleasure yesterday of seeing some of the setting up.

Our house has been filled with paintings wrapped in bubblewrap propped against every surface for the last week and finally, yesterday, my dad and Crafthole (humming the theme to Lovejoy apparently) filled up their cars and drove them all down to our town hall where they’ll be occupying the entrance half of the main hall throughout this year’s exhibition.

Setting up was a mammoth task it seems. I met them there last night to find all the paintings had been arranged around the room and are being hung throughout the day today, ready for the preview this evening.

I have a few bits in myself this year (first time I’ve shown any photographs in public actually) so I’m crossing my fingers for a couple of sales…

One Response to “Preparing for the Exhibition”

  1. Oh how wonderful and exciting. You must continue to document and show those of us who can’t make it!! (Please.)

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