Painting & Decorating

July 1, 2010

A couple of years ago, while visiting my mum&dad (back in the days when we had a home of our own in Oxford) I got roped in to, quite happily, helping out with the decoration of a Bacchus themed new wine bar in Batley. I went down with my dad and we spent our time painting grapes on panels propped up on the floor. I didn’t get much done, being not as quick as the others, but I did my bit and can now proudly state that I have painted with an artist with three paintings in the National Portrait Gallery. Oh yes.

Tom Wood (on the right above) was directing the people there and handing out jobs. He has painted Prince Charles and Alan Bennett amongst others and can be found in the NPG directory. There were only five of us altogether and I was the only one not a professional artist; I don’t think I’d have dared go if I’d known that to begin with…

My dad’s bit of vine (left) was rather better than mine (right) as is only right & proper I suppose…

The man spraying on extra leaves is Tony Noble, also an artist of some repute.

My bit of panel is right above the bar in The Bank in Batley, which I have only seen once and we didn’t even stay for a drink. Not really my kind of place… I therefore I only have one very rubbish picture of it as it looks now.

It was such a fun day though, I don’t really care where it all ended up :-)

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