The Fighting Temeraire… Again

June 23, 2010

I started to post a serial in the spring following the progress of my dad’s latest project: a copy of his favourite painting (the second time he’s done it, but the first time at almost the full size). My plan was to photograph it in the same place with the same light after each session, but that never actually happened. I didn’t get very far in (I got up to parts 1 and 2) until Crafthole & I had to go away for a wedding (and stayed away for a few days) during a very crucial point in the proceedings, and I missed most of the development.

Those still at home kept it up for me though, and photographs do exist of the stages while I wasn’t there, but they were mostly taken with mobile phone cameras and some are quite blurry. I never got round to posting them as parts in a serial and it has now been finished so long that it seems daft to keep it going now.

Therefore, here are all the photographs that were taken after each painting session, including the ones I’ve already posted. The colours I can’t vouch for, I haven’t made any effort to match them to the painting (which is now covered in a blanket and propped up on the back of our sofa) since my monitor isn’t colour calibrated properly anyway, and I bet nobody else’s is…

And here is the finished piece:

In terms of the likeness of this to the original, it is only approximate. Turner used a pallet knife for much of his work and nobody, not even he himself, could have made a more than approximate copy of it. Also, the painting was originally painted on a blank canvas whereas my dad painted over an old painting, smoothing over the canvas texture so that the dry brush effects on the original couldn’t be imitated.

I did have some small hope of being given this as a wedding present… but I think it might be worth a bit too much. Oh well. Perhaps he’ll do us another one day…

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