1930s & World War II Paper Planes

June 5, 2010

In 2007 Crafthole & I worked on a community project at RAF Hornchurch commemorating their part in both world wars. Crafthole was quite heavily involved in writing up the historical background and I worked on maps mainly. The two of us managed to get ourselves a day out at the RAF Museum at Hendon photographing planes, which was more fun than I had expected.

My favourite part though was making a collection of WWII theme paper planes: an attempt to keep the children happy on the big open day that November. We made them at home and Crafthole acted as a very enthusiastic historical adviser. They are each based on a real plane colour scheme and pattern and use three different paper plane designs, getting more difficult as they go down. My main job on the day was standing at my table teaching people how to make them up, including a few grown men, not at all happy being told how to make paper planes by a slip of a girl (the last one defied everybody’s confidence, regardless of how adept they considered themselves..).

To download the full versions, go to the Hornchurch website, where there’s also a Hornchurch Planes & Airships Top Trumps set if that’s the sort of thing you like…


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