Digital Time Travelling

May 31, 2010

We had all our family’s old photographs scanned in a few years ago and it only occurred to me that they are a mine of Photoshop opportunities last week in a flash on the bus home from work. I was imagining looking over my own shoulder as a child and thinking about everything that has happened since and wondering what I would make of my adult self…

The photographs mostly range from the late seventies to the late eighties when my brother & me were little (our sister is only sixteen and isn’t in any of them, I wish she was). My brother lives in London ad I don’t see him very much, and my mum & dad showed very little enthusiasm for the idea, so I took the opportunity of snatching our childhood (and adulthood) friend Beth, who makes many appearances throughout, for a very quick photo shoot this weekend.

We were in rather a hurry and we didn’t really think about the angle of the pictures, and we are not even looking at the same place. Even so, I thought it was worth finishing as an experiment so that the next time I want to do (a better) one, I won’t have to go through the tortuous explanation of the idea.

I want to do loads more of these but I’ll have to wait until I’m next in a garden with my brother and a camera to do another.


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