The Craftholes in Prehistory

April 6, 2010

After seeing The Gentleman Administrator’s post about an archaeological book with a painting of a VERY glamorous Mesolithic woman, I thought I would like to dig out my own appearances in Prehistory.

I think there have been more than are here, I remember a few modelling sessions round Pete (@pighilltweets) & Ros (@BoggartyHolland) Lorimer’s house in Oxford, draped in various sorts of very very unglamorous Anglo-Saxon rags. I did have these files, but they were yet more things lost when our computer died. The reconstructions below were not modelled in costume though.

This one is a watercolour by Ros from a photograph taken in the graphics office at Oxford Archaeology where we worked as I posed with a polystyrene board in my hands. I’m the one at the right by the way.

It was used as the cover to a monograph about the excavations at Reading Business Park published in 2003 (almost ten years after the close of excavations you notice: that’s impressively quick in archaeology).

The one below is another watercolour by Mark Gridley several years later. It shows Crafthole & I as a Mesolithic couple doing Mesolithic things in Mesolithic summer outfits. Our faces have been altered a bit to make us seem more prehistoric: our chins and foreheads have been made larger and more angular, even though we were anatomically identical then… artistic licence.

Shown crafting a hole, this may be the origin of the Dynasty…


One Response to “The Craftholes in Prehistory”

  1. beckybim said

    Excellent mesolithic connection of Stone Age modelling. A sentence I will never use again.

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