The Fighting Temeraire, Part 1

March 24, 2010

My dad, David Martin, has been painting all his life. In the last ten years or so, as he has gradually retired (he is/was a freelance designer), he has spent more and more of his time painting. This July he will be the featured artist at the Town Hall in Dewsbury for the duration of the Dewsbury Arts Group’s Summer Exhibition, and this has galvanised him to more or less spend the first half of this year a full-time artist.

He has two large oil paintings on the go at any one time, and at the moment one of his projects is an almost life-sized copy of Turner’s Fighting Temeraire. I have decided to serialize the progress of the painting as best as I can here in this blog, as it is the sort of thing I would find interesting. I hope other people do too.

Here is Part 1.

This is simply a base coat with a pencil sketch over the top at this stage. The colours partly come from the earlier long-abandoned painting beneath (perhaps I should have photographed that too).

Maybe I’ll make a little movie out of all the different stages when it’s finished (if I manage to photograph it frequently enough).


I never did finish the serialisation of the progress of this painting (we were interrupted by going away for a wedding), but the painting did get finished. I posted all the photographs that exist of the process here in one go.


3 Responses to “The Fighting Temeraire, Part 1”

  1. This is fascinating Lucy! I encourage you to make that little movie. What a wonderfully creative and artistic family.

  2. Beckybim said

    This looks incredibly convincing. I stand in front of that wonderful painting at least twice a year and this has every essence of it. How clever!

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