My Career as a Painter… such as it was

March 2, 2010

When I left university I found myself (like everybody else I suppose) back at my mum & dad’s with no job, definitely no money and lots and lots of free time. My dad paints (I would like to insert a link here to his paintings but he is not on the internet at all) so I found myself having a go too, directed by him. I found that I cannot get to grips with watercolour (too stressful: I am too slow) but oils suited me fine.

I love still life paintings and dreamed of painting like the old Dutch lot. The painting below is not by me (ha, ha) but Willem Claesz Heda. This is how I painted in my future fantasies.

I set myself up on the sofa with all my paints and boards and pots of spirits and brushes and a still life arranged on top of the TV. From there I could while away my days painting whilst watching Neighbours and Murder She Wrote in the manner to which I had become accustomed as a student.

My painting career was short-lived. It lasted about three months (after which I got a job in a factory), and I produced about six or seven paintings altogether. Not so prolific as I might have liked.

I found that I really REALLY enjoyed it though so it seems odd to me that I never carried it on and got good. I have made one or two attempts at starting up again over the years but have never finished anything since. Below are the only three that remain in my possession, and one of them isn’t actually mine anymore (I swapped it for one of my dad’s), all painted in the winter of 2001. Actually, two of my paintings did SELL (I have no image of them) which fills me with equal measures of satisfaction and embarrassment at the thought of them stuck in someone’s house.

This last is a poor copy of a simple painting by American artist David Leffel. I absolutely LOVE his work and would like to be him, except as me.

GIVE ME four or five years of not having to work, living in some converted barn in France listening to music and painting and I will be a proper painter. It will never happen, but it is my favourite dream.


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