Animated Parallax Stereo Image

February 17, 2010

This gif is a first attempt at this kind of stereo image. I made it from photos I took last spring of Crafthole in Skipton Woods near our lovely old house, very sadly missed.

I made my first anaglyph (of the front of Oxford Archaeology, where Crafthole & I worked) about three years ago, which is a red/cyan stereo image like the one below and is viewed through glasses.

I was so excited I was literally shaking. Crafthole could not even see the illusion, having only one working eye, and spent a miserable evening out with me in Jericho, Oxford, talking about nothing but this. I’ve made loads since then and he’s never been able to share my enthusiasm… well, he can finally see depth in my gif animation.

Stereograms, like this one:

can be viewed without glasses but I find it difficult. Here’s our viewer. I love this object.

I have been meaning to post about my experiments with stereo photography for as long as I’ve had this blog but have never got round to it. It is something that gets me incredibly excited, and therefore makes me feel like I would like to devote some real time to trying to convey, step-by-step, my developments and my excitement. I’ve done nothing new, but it has all been new to me each step of the way. I will post something more complete very shortly.

2 Responses to “Animated Parallax Stereo Image”

  1. avidARTmind said

    its really lovely

  2. I love this and as a first attempt it’s excellent – makes me want to try it myself

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