10:23 Homeopathy Overdose – Leeds

January 30, 2010

We were full of good intentions. It was Saturday morning and we got out of our beds almost at the normal work time. We had to get the bus into Dewsbury and the train into Leeds. We had to be outside the main Leeds Boots store for 10:23am when various Skeptics in the Pub groups were coordinating a mass homeopathy overdose: the slogan, and the message being “There’s NOTHING in it”. You can read about the campaign here. Nobody deals with the subject quite as Amazingly as James Randi :-)

Without going into details we failed, and after running from the station we got there only just in time to take a few very rushed photographs all around the scene (I was too shy to introduce myself so god knows what they thought I was doing).

I have yet to find the £500 for a decent fisheye so this image is made of about forty photographs and was very difficult to stitch. It’s FULL of stitching errors therefore which I’ll try and resolve in the next day or two, if I can face it (spent hours on this as it is).

Though it is very far from finished I really like the reflections here: the glass buildings do very strange things in an image that doesn’t follow Euclidean geometry  :-) . I also love the unexpected dominance of blue and yellow and the complete submission of all other colours, which looks quite striking I think.

If I’d been braver I’d have got this from a better angle. Next time.


2 Responses to “10:23 Homeopathy Overdose – Leeds”

  1. Bit schizophrenic here, I know the homeopathy is the real point of this, but I’m interested in the photography!

    How are you doing your stitching? I have a 10-22mm rectilinear lens which gives a very wide field of view but my standard stitching approach (autostitch) doesn’t like the wide end very much.

  2. I used Autostitch a few times, but you don’t get much control I think? It’s a long time since I used it.
    I use Photoshop for everything I do (see previous post ‘how to make a planet’), but when I get my future fisheye I’ll switch to Hugin which is far more powerful for making stereographic projections (which mine are not). It’s also really good for correcting lens distortion, but I haven’t used it much as it’s a real arse if you don’t have a fisheye so have to upload forty or fifty photos..

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