Thornhill Church

January 6, 2010

This church has three claims on my affection. First, it was the church where my mum & dad were married in the early 1970s and is down the road from their house (where I am living at the moment while Crafthole is working abroad). Second, it was the seat of Rev. John Michell between 1767 and his death in 1793. He was the first to posit the existence of astronomical bodies that are so dense as to prevent the escape of light, now termed black holes and he also designed and made the instrument that Henry Cavendish used to weigh the Earth (it was so sensitive he made his measurements from an adjoining room with a telescope to prevent his own mass from distorting the results). Lastly it’s just a lovely lovely building on a lovely lovely day.

I like the way this picture turned out: so still and quiet and slightly sinister. It’s different from all my other Wormholes in that the ground is the same colour, tone and texture as the sky. The image is therefore made of a rather nice floating ring of trees and gravestones, sort of pierced by the looming Church. The continuing snowfall is just visible as streaks against the stone.


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