East Riddleston Wormhole

December 20, 2009

The term Wormhole is officially now my name for these inwardly circular panoramas, equally because it’s a worms’ eye view, because it sort of looks like you’re at the end of a tunnel into anther world, and because it’s suitable spacey and fits with the name of the outward panorama type: the Planets:

These two images are different workings of the same photographs. Planets are much more popular on Flickr but I really like Wormholes. Upsettingly people tend to assume that the Wormholes are simply fisheye photographs taken with one snap… they are in fact every bit as time consuming as Planets. They work a little differently and I tend to produce them in places where there are tall features tapering upwards towards the sky such as these taken at Gordale Scar and The British Museum:

A Planet view of these would not have worked due to the viewing angle. Try to imagine how distorted the British Museum would have looked as a Planet: the underside of the roof is visible so the building would look like it was bending away round the horizon. A Planet style working of a panorama is therefore not always desirable. I’ll continue to like and make Wormholes, and remind myself that it’s not ALL about flickr hits and comments…


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