I Think I’ve Found My Bottom

December 18, 2009

Following Gary’s surprise entrance and subsequent revelations concerning Anton’s criminal activities, Anton (who is already on stage to collect his award) is wrestled to the ground after attempting to hold Annie hostage to secure an escape (very tense). When he is thwarted he finally admits defeat and sings while they wait for the police to arrive:

I think I’ve found my bottom
There’s no way out this time.
All I did was steal a few finds
Since when was that a crime?
This ditch is very dark
I cannot climb to light.
I’ve dug myself too deep
Turned wrong instead of right!

Whilst digging down through life
I made sense of all my site,
I found that diggers will find nothing
Who always do what’s right.
So then I started digging
In a patch of rich dark soil,
The shadow of a feature
That was sure to give rich spoil!

This shadowy darkness I found
Myself black and dirty in
Gave me such rich rewards
That I just kept on sinking!
Down and down I dug
Getting deeper and deeper in dirt
Until I had to lie to hide
My black and muddied shirt

By then I couldn’t stop
I’d dug myself too deep
It was more than just the money
It was the thrill of the deceit
Like all the genius masterminds
(there’s no point being modest)
The reward became the crime
and that part is the oddest

Hatching genius plots demands
An intellect to match
Desire to exercise the mind
Like an itch you just can’t scratch
It’s like a game of chess
But I suppose I fell for bait
For my gameplan is lost and I must confess
The word I’m hearing is “checkmate”

Oh! Woe is me and god damn you!
And I have no regrets!
What I did before I’d do again
Without any qualms or frets!
But you had to dig up dirt
Upset what’s not your affair!
Now you’ve made a very bad enemy
So you’d better all beware!

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