I’ll Dig Myself a Hole

December 18, 2009

Gary has been lead to believe that Annie has no feelings for him and so he has no chance with her. He therefore decides that he is better off digging with his old friends, but is choked with regrets and emotion. Gary is center stage. He is working out on site, digging a ditch beside a big spoil heap. The weather is gloomy and forbidding. Gradually, through the noise of work the diggers around him begin to pick up a slow beat with their mattocks and shovels and trowels, and the orchestra filters in with a minor key, down beat sound. Gary looks up at the looming clouds and begins to sing, quietly at first but gradually gathering in strength:

Amongst these faded ruins, the shadows of the past,
I feel my hope degrading, like a long forgotten cast!
Every day of my life is soaked with gray strife
And rejection takes its toll.
With my trowel in my hand and my foot in my mouth
I’ll dig myself a hole.

My trowel is worn to nothing, with the verve of my actions,
And this pit surrenders nothing, no satisfactions!
I tire of the toil in the cold, wet, dark soil:
I’m more than just a mole.
But still with my trowel and my heart on my sleeve
I’ll dig myself a hole.

The backdrop to my play, befits its tragic tale.
The scenery is ruins, they know how it is to fail!
All my hopes and dreams are burst at the seams,
Since my heart that girl has stole.
I wish I was six feet below where the light does not show,
So I’ll dig myself this hole.

The mountainous spoil heap, it looks down on my plight,
With truly cold indifference, to the urges I must fight!
If I were young and naive I’d think her a tease,
Never knowing my true role.
To play the fool and the jest and at her bequest
I’ll dig myself this hole.

I’m nothing but a digger – I’m marred with blisters and stains,
And my looks and heart are weathered, with a hundred rainy days!
If I were old and wise I’d find a disguise
More fitting to my goal.
But all I can do in my attempts to woo
Is to dig myself a hole.

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