The Martin Family Residence

December 13, 2009

At the gate stand my mum & dad and at the curve of the road (seven o’clock) my sister on the lookout for cars  (I stood in the middle of the road to take these pictures and it’s the most dangerous blind corner in the world).

I wanted to make a Christmas card out of it, so after stitching it all together I set about making it snowy. This was achieved in a very rough cartoony way with a combination of painting and texture overlaying. Nobody’s going to believe this is real snow but that’s not the point…

Merry Christmas!

(by the way I’m intrigued at the difference in quality between the two images: one is linked from Flickr and the other is uploaded direct into the blog… it’s as bad as Facebook for compressing images to within an inch of their lives)

Incidentally, a couple of weeks after that the SNOW struck Britain, so I took another. Next year’s card perhaps :-)


2 Responses to “The Martin Family Residence”

  1. Henry Fuseli said

    Wondrous! Fantastical! Marvellous! And other fitting superlatives!

    • Mr Fuseli, I have only just notic’d that I had comments awaiting approval (I am rather new to all thisse), so please forgive the long wait for my acknowledgement of suche a great honour as your very pleasing comment. I am all joy *curtseys*

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