The Irish Atlantic

December 11, 2009

Last weekend Crafthole & I took the Ferry to Dublin and drove down to Cork in driving sheet rain at night to set him up with a room in a house ready for his new job with Headland Archaeology.
We stayed the first two nights in a B&B in Cobh: lovely town on the edges of a very big natural harbour (the last place the Titanic ever spent a night). It was more than a little marred by the appauling weather… no photographs to post from there alasly.
We did manage to get out in a brief break in the Rain to look at The Atlantic, which I had never seen before. The place is called Old Head, near Ballymackean down the coast from Cobh. The light was really amazing on the sea and changed so quickly from minute to minute: it was gorgeous. Sadly the whole of the headland is a privately owned golf course and is inaccessible to the public. We grumbled a lot about that.

Though there was no Rain briefly, the Wind was incredible and getting a panorama was no mean feat! I didn’t dare stand any closer to the cliff than this to take the pictures from genuine fear of my life.


One Response to “The Irish Atlantic”

  1. *SIGH* so beautiful!!!! How clever you are, Ma’am! *curtseys*

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