Lady Crafthole: Photo Artist!

December 5, 2009

Photo Artist… that sounds very nice… and now for the first time, as from Today, I can say it legitimately. What made today different from yesterday and every day before it is this:

CD cover in iTunes!

Philip Sheppard’s Post

Original image

The photograph is Fountains Abbey. Crafthole, myself and my brother & sister went for a drive there in October 2008 and all (very much except my sister, then fourteen years old) were delighted to discover that we had accidentally visited on the day it stayed open after nightfall, at which point the floodlights went on and Gregorian Chant began pouring from concealed speakers in the tower. The sky at one point in the evening was electric blue and looked unreal when you were standing in all the orange inside the ruin. It was here that I announced I would do my Panorama, and it was then that everybody else disappeared to amuse themselves. Doing a panorama with my lens and my camera in half-light is no quick business.

The stitching of the photos was a marathon. Crafthole & I lived in Oxford then and the computer was crammed in the corner of our little kitchen. There I would huddle for HOURS on end stitching and merging and texturizing. The Fountains Abbey photos were the most awkward and fiddly (and therefore fun) and time-consuming to do.

It is fair to say that my photography has been a fairly severe drain on the Crafthole Family Finances over the years (we are not really rich enough for such a hobby it has to be admitted), but we can be forgiven for thinking it may be about to pay us back in like. As a friend said of the event: I have progressed from being a Penniless Photographer to being a Struggling Photographer. Hurrah! I am very very excited.


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