Crafthole – The Classic Series based on the Novels by Ianto Wain

November 23, 2009

Action drama series of the mid nineties. Possibly scripts to come…

First two episodes – Walkover and DBA – due out for DVD release in time for Christmas this year. Others expected to follow.

Novels by Ianto Wain include :

Crafthole’s Walkover

Crafthole’s DBA

Crafthole’s SMR

Crafthole’s Promotion

Crafthole’s [road] Scheme

Crafthole’s [London] Gateway

Crafthole’s [visit to HMS] Victory

Crafthole’s Revenge

Crafthole’s Waterloo [Connection for CTRL]

Crafthole was (for the time) a lavish production. Obviously the odd sandpit had to stand in for the desert (as in Crafthole and the EIA) and Stroud was, at times, an unconvincing Malta. The costumes however were generally accurate and even when there were shortcuts, they conveyed something of a period atmosphere. Despite this care and eye to detail shown by the costume designers does anyone know why the lead character wore such modern spectacles throughout Series I?
Edmund Simons

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